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Agribio is involved in the marketing and sales of housing projects and equipment for use in poultry, pig, dairy and other animal production. The systems include manual and automated systems for feeding, drinking, cooling and heating. We provide spare parts, and also offer installation and maintenance – mechanical as well as electrical.
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Agribio currently distributes products from the following manufacturers:
Big Dutchman equipment - logo
Munters equipment for Ventilation, Cooling and Heating - logo
SKOV sensors and controls - logo
Leedy gearboxes for feeder hoppers - LEEDY
Modine heaters and spares - logo
Generic galvanized steel equipment is manufactured in Johannesburg and is available throughout South Africa, e.g. nest boxes, and feed troughing, support legs and more.
1. Commercial Egg Production
  • Parent Farms
  • Rearing to Point of Lay – floor and cage systems
  • Commercial Layers – floor and cage systems
2. Commercial Broiler Production
  • Grandparent Farms
  • Parent Farms – Rearing and Laying
  • Broiler Farms
3. Poultry Housing Equipment – shutters and inlets

4. Ventilation & Cooling - curtains, fans, evaporative cooling and misting

5. Brooding & Heating – gas, electrical, infra red

6. Watering Systems – founts, drinkers, nipples

7. Feeding Systems – tube feeding, pan feeding and chain feeding

8. Feed Handling & Storage – augers and silos

9. Nest Boxes & Egg Handling – manual or automated

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Equipment for pig farming is grouped as:

1. Dry Sow and Boar equipment - drinkers, feeders, housing, penning and environmental control

2. Farrowing equipment - drinkers, feeders, housing, penning and environmental control

3. Growers - drinkers, feeders, flooring and environmental control

4. Weaners - drinkers, feeders, flooring and environmental control

Equipment for Dairy farmers includes:

1) Silos and augers

2) Dry feed volume dispensers – up to 6 liter for feeding during milking
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