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Agribio has excellent knowledge and experience with detergents and disinfectants used in the food industry. We can make independent recommendations to suit your specific needs. We are also to supply these when required.

We are shareholders of Aqua Salveo that manufactures and markets Aqua Salveo Water Disinfectant - the patented point of use water disinfectant certified for human use, and Aqua Salveo Human Glove - hand disinfectant. Agribio provides technical backup internationally. Please visit for more details.

As part of our assistance to primary producers, we also market burnt lime (Calcium oxide) to disinfect poultry houses after cleaning as well as to treat carcasses of dead birds.

The high pH of lime has been proven to be strongly antibacterial, killing the common pathogens in poultry houses such as E. coli. It may also kill insects, and seal cracked floors. It is usually applied to the floors as slurry of a 25kg bag of lime in 200 litres of water. Course salt is usually added to act against salt-sensitive bacteria / Mycoplasma. For more information on lime visit and This information is freely available on the internet.

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Articles on lime treatment and efficacy can be downloaded here:

Practical Guildelines on the use of lime for the prevention and control of Avian Influenza(940 KB)
Antibacterial efficacy of commercial disinfectants on dirt floor used in poultry breeder houses (50.8KB)
Effects of lime hydrate on the growth and development of Darkling Beetle, Alphitobius diaperinus (85.6 KB)
Avian InfluenzaVirus inactivation with lime (176 KB)

Agribio has abattoir equipment available for the smaller Poultry Processor. The equipment include electric drum feather pluckers, 6-12 bird stunner/bleeders, scalding tanks, tables, trolleys and other equipment to aid the process.
Agribio consults with Management on various issues:
  • Resolving Operational problems
  • Addressing Technical problems
  • Resolution of Quality problems
  • Training of laboratory staff
  • Quality control and Assurance
  • Consulting on HACCP implementation
  • Internal audits and inspections
  • Resolving suppliers’ problems
  • ISO 9000 internal audits assistance
  • Consulting on the SANS Product Certification
  • Consulting on SANBWA Bottled Water Certification
  • Temporary employment when managers are on leave
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Agribio performs the following audits and assessments:

Contract auditor/technical specialist (Agriculture) for TUV For more information regarding TUV please view Readiness audits and assistance with obtaining the SABS Product Certification Mark on Chemical products, Beverages, Pharmaceuticals and Foods. For more information view Internal and external audits to ISO 9000 Technical expert audits on Biological Science processes (Microbiology) including Agriculture HACCP audits to SANS 10049 and 10330 Supplier quality or compliance audits GMP and Prerequisite Program audits.
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